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Privacy Policy

Policy Title

Privacy Policy

Policy Purpose

It is necessary for the Brisbane Symphonic Band (the Band) to collect and use personal information in order to effectively perform its functions and activities.

The purpose of this Policy is to outline why the collection of personal information is necessary and to define how it is collected, used, stored and disclosed. This Policy also demonstrates the Band’s strong commitment to ensuring personal information it collects is protected.

Responsible Officer



Management Committee

Roles and Responsibilities

Within the context of this Policy, the following roles and responsibilities exist:

  1. President
    1. Ensuring reasonable steps are put in place to protect personal information collected by the Band.
  2. Management Committee and other Band Officers
    1. Ensure compliance with this policy; and
    2. Ensure that personal information collected or used in the course of their duties is protected.


Collection of Personal Information

The Band has a preference for collecting personal information through electronic-based forms via the Band’s website or other trusted websites.

On occasion, the Band will collect personal information using paper-based forms.

Use of Personal Information

The Band uses personal information for the following reasons:

  1. Band Members – As an Incorporated Association, the Band is required to keep a register of those people who qualify as members. The personal information of Band members is collected and used by the Band for this and other administrative purposes.
  2. Notes (our mailing list) Members – Name and email address is collected and used by the Band to provide information about concerts, performances and other events the Band is involved in.

Storage of Personal Information

  1. Personal information for Notes (our mailing list) is collected and stored using the MailChimp system. Further information about the security of this system is available on their website
  2. Personal information collected for membership of the Band is entered into a membership database by an appropriate Band officer. The database is maintained and stored on the Bands shared file system (Dropbox).
  3. Personal information collected (both via paper-based and electronic methods) will be translated into an electronic format as appropriate and stored on the Band’s shared file system (Dropbox). Original paper-based forms will be destroyed and email results from forms will be deleted from email servers.
  4. Any retained paper-based forms which contain personal information are to be kept in a folder marked ‘Confidential’ by an appropriate Band officer.

Disclosure of Personal Information

Aside from the following exceptions, the Band will not disclose any personal information which it has collected:

  1. A list comprising of each Band member’s name, home suburb, mobile number and email address will be produced and circulated to all members of the Band.
  2. A mailing list member’s email address may be provided to administrative officers of the Band, such as the webmaster or secretary.

Access, Amendment and Removal of Personal Information

Upon request from an individual, the Band will freely provide, amend or remove any personal information it has stored about that particular individual.

For more information on this policy, please contact the Band’s President or Secretary. Refer to the Band’s website for current contact details: